Welcome to the AcnePSP website

The Acne PSP is a new initiative launched in 2013 by the Acne Academy in collaboration with the James Lind Alliance (www.jla.nihr.ac.uk). The aim of this initiative is put people with acne and treatment providers at the centre of deciding priorities for acne treatment research.

The Acne PSP is asking everyone whose life is affected by acne and people involved in treating acne to think about what's wrong with existing treatments and what improvements you'd like to see. What questions do you think scientists should be working on? Have you ever wondered why certain types of treatment don't seem to be available for acne? This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and your opinion count.

Acne and its treatment

Acne is an incredibly common skin condition. In the UK alone, over 3 million teenagers and young adults have spots or acne. Spots are simply a milder form of acne which, in some of us, can develop into a very troublesome problem. The prevalence of acne in people over 25 is increasing, especially in women in whom it is often linked to hormonal abnormalities. Acne is still seen by many as a condition we have to ‘live with’ and ‘grow out of’ but this is absolutely not the case. These days effective treatments are available for all degrees of acne. They aren’t perfect but they are a lot better than doing nothing. This campaign is all about finding out how we can improve the treatment of acne by asking people who have it and people who treat it to tell us what changes you’d like to see.

Acne Top Ten

The results are in for our top 10 questions and answers! Thank you for all of you that helped craft and refine this list of questions that you wanted answering. If you would like to know what the final TOP TEN questions are that made it onto the list, then go to the Latest News Page!