About the Acne PSP Campaign

Why does it matter to me?

We recognise that acne is an emotive word and not everyone who has spots thinks of themselves as an acne patient.   Spots are simply a mild version of acne.    Some people have a few spots that last only a year or two, others can suffer with bad acne for many years.  

Regardless of whether you have a few spots or bad acne we want to hear from you.  Mums, dads and partners are welcome to take part as well.

We’d also like to hear from professionals who are involved in treating people with acne whether inside or outside the NHS, whether using medicines, devices or other kinds of therapy.   If you are a pharmacist, GP, dermatologist, complementary or alternative therapist, cosmetic surgeon, nurse, beauty therapist or private practitioner offering something completely different, your participation matters to us.  

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions and yet, compared to eczema and psoriasis, it attracts very little independent funding to find better ways of treating it.  If you’d like to change that, then this partnership matters to you.