About the Acne PSP Campaign

What is the partnership for?

The Acne PSP has been set up to put acne treatments under the spotlight.  Improving treatment means filling gaps in knowledge and providing missing pieces of information that will lead to better ways of managing acne in the future.

Ultimately, this means better and safer treatments, better informed health professionals, more control and more choice.  

Until now scientists in the pharmaceutical industry and in universities decided which questions were the important ones.  As a result aspects of acne therapy that matter most to people with acne and those who treat them have almost certainly been overlooked. 

The Acne PSP is asking everyone whose life is affected by acne and people involved in treating acne to think about what’s wrong with existing treatments and what improvements you’d like to see.  What questions do you think scientists should be working on?   Have you ever wondered why certain types of treatment don’t seem to be available for acne?    This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and your opinion count.

Once we’ve collected all this information and sorted it, we’ll be inviting everyone to vote for the topics which they think are the most important ones.   Finally, we’ll hold a workshop to identify the TOP TEN shared priorities of people with acne and treatment providers. 

The partnership is overseen and monitored by the James Lind Alliance (JLA, www.lindalliance.org), a not-for-profit organisation that was set up in 2004 to provide a framework for bringing patients and professionals together on a level playing field to identify priorities for treatment research.   The JLA is managed by the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Co-ordinating Centre (NETSCC).  Put simply, that means it comes under the NHS umbrella.  To date, the JLA has facilitated over 20 priority setting partnerships for conditions as diverse as schizophrenia and eczema, prostate cancer and stroke.  Now it is acne’s turn.