How you can influence the future direction
of acne treatment research

How can I become involved?

Here are some of the ways you could be involved in a research project on acne treatments:

  1. advising on priorities for new research (taking part in our treatment survey is the first step in helping with this)
  2. advising on what needs to be measured when doing research so that the answers are relevant to people with acne 
  3. helping to plan and manage studies to improve opportunities for recruiting people to take part in the studies
  4. helping explain studies to potential participants (for example in information leaflets) in ways that make them fully understand what is involved
  5. helping make applications for research funding so that potential funders know that patients’ priorities are being addressed
  6. helping to monitor studies, telling other people about them and communicating new research findings to the public

More information

The National Institute for Health Research has set a web site called PEOPLE IN RESEARCH ( that tells you much more about opportunities to get involved in research.    

A range of frequently asked questions can be found at
You can also find more information at  and on the NHS Choices web site