How you can influence the future direction
of acne treatment research


We know a lot of people find the word research scary.  This is for all sorts of reasons; things like newspaper articles on animal experiments or about research that has over promised and under delivered. 

On this page, we want to tell you about medical research in general and research on acne treatments in particular and why it should matter to you.  Increasingly patients and members of the public are contributing their perspectives to the way research is designed, commissioned, managed and supported.  We’ll explain the various ways you can get involved in research, all the way from helping to design a study to publicizing the results. 

What follows is not about being a participant in a research study, it is about working alongside clinicians and researchers as a valued member of the study team.   Being part of the team behind a research project can be exciting, challenging and very rewarding. 

The Acne PSP gives you the opportunity to tell us what you think research money should be spent on.  This page sets out how you could help design and deliver studies to answer the questions which the PSP identifies as the most important ones.