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Acne Top 10

The results are in for our top 10 questions and answers! If you would like to know what the final TOP TEN questions are that made it onto the list, then click here.

New Question and Answer section

We received lots of questions to which health care professionals or other experts know the answers. Over the next few months we will be putting the answers to these questions on the website. We will add one or two new ones every week but you will be able to access all of the questions and answers via an online archive. Some of your questions made us realise that there are several topics upon which we thought we had robust answers when, in fact, we don't. You'll be surprised how much 'expert advice' you read on the web isn't evidence-based. Read our new pages to find out what advice you can trust.

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Poster competition result and Amazon voucher winners

The poster competition which we ran over the summer alongside the treatment survey was won by Farhana Rahman who lives in Hertfordshire. Here is a photo of Farhana with her prize. Many thanks to everyone who entered.

We distributed Amazon vouchers during September to fifty winners chosen at random from people who submitted at least one question to our survey.