Under 21s

If you prefer something short and sweet, this page is probably all you need.

What’s this all about?

  • We know acne treatments aren’t perfect and we want to find ways of improving them.
  • Scientists usually do their own thing and forget to ask the people that really matter – those who’ve got spots and those who treat them.
  • We’d like you to tell us what’s wrong with existing acne treatments and what changes you’d like to see.   What questions have you asked your parents or doctor only to discover no one knows the answers?   Have you searched the internet and been confused by what you’ve found?
  • When we’ve collected all of the information, we’ll sort it so that we can identify questions that everyone agrees are the most important ones for scientists to address.
  • We’ll then tell the scientists and those who fund their work what we’ve found out – ideally a top 10 of unanswered questions that people with acne and people who treat acne have decided are the most important to answer.